AMERICAN DJ OSLIM 2" Narrow 2" sized O Clamp (Free Shipping)

AMERICAN DJ OSLIM 2" Narrow 2" sized O Clamp
Manufacturer: AMERICAN DJ
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Item #: OSLIM2
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    The ADJ O Slim 2 Clamp is designed to fit in-between the V shaped truss braces where larger size clamps will not fit. It can also be used like a traditional ADJ O-Clamp to hang smaller fixtures under 28 lbs./13 kg.

    The O Slim 2, like the ADJ O-Clamp, wraps around the entire2-inch truss pipe to avoid scuffing, scratching and denting of truss.

  • Slim O-Clamps for 2" Truss.
  • Slim design makes it easier for mounting the perfect position on truss
  • Fits in-between the diagonal truss braces
  • 360 degree clamp that wraps around truss tubing
  • Non scuffing - Non scratching - Non scoring - Non denting
  • Weight limit: 28 lbs./13 kg.