AKG PRO C411 PP Instrument Microphone (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO C411 PP Instrument Microphone
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
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    AKG PRO C411 PP Instrument Microphone


    for acoustic guitar and other string instruments on stage and in the studio

    The C411 is a miniature vibration pickup for acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin and most other string instruments. Its integrated condenser capsule will reproduce the sound of the instrument clearly and without coloration. The C411 ultralight pickup (18g/0.6oz) can be easily attached on or near the bridge with the included nonmarking, solvent-free adhesive pad without changing the balance of the instrument. The C411 is available in two versions. The C411 PP features a MPAV standard XLR connector while the C411 L provides a professional three-pin mini XLR connector that fits the body-pack transmitters of all AKG wireless microphone systems.

    Condenser transducer in sealed enclosure
    for clear and uncolored sound

    Ultralight vibration pickup
    does not change the balance of the instrument



    Audio frequency bandwidth 10 to 18000 Hz
    Sensitivity 2 mV/Pa
    Electrical impedance 200 Ohms
    Recommended load impedance 1000 Ohms
    Powering Interface
    Voltage 9 to 52 V
    Current 2 mA
    Audio Output
    Type Mini XLR
    Gender Female
    Contacts 3-pin
    Body plastic
    Finish matte black
    Dimensions / Weight
    Length 9.7 mm
    Width 14.2 mm
    Height 26.7 mm
    Net Weight 18 g