AKG PRO C535 WL1 Microphone Head (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO C535 WL1 Microphone Head
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
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    AKG PRO C535 WL1 Microphone Head


    for high demanding lead vocals

    The C535 WL1 reference handheld condenser vocal microphone head is a classic legendary microphone that we did “our way”. It provides the ultimate combination of excellent, highly detailed audio and exceptional ruggedness. 

    The C353 WL1 microphone head brings this classic sound to the wireless world. It is designed to fit the HT4500 handheld transmitter.

    One of the most legendary vocal stage microphones
    valuated by iconic artists for more than four decades

    Delicate gold plated condenser capsule
    for detailed pickup of unique individual timbres

    Self-cleaning contacts
    ensure reliable operation and long life