AKG PRO HUB4000 Q none Wireless Accessories (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO HUB4000 Q none Wireless Accessories
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    AKG PRO HUB4000 Q none Wireless Accessories


    supports DMS700, WMS4000/4500 and IVM4/4500

    The HUB4000 Q reference HiQnet® ethernet interface allows you to connect up to eight AKG wireless devices to a HiQnet network. HUB4000 Q connects to the network via a standard CAT-5 cable. For large wireless systems, several HUB 4000 Qs can be cascaded using commercial Ethernet switches (or routers, wireless hubs, etc.), allowing you to configure and monitor complex systems from a single application. HUB4000 Q connects the wireless system to the applications Harman System Architect™, AKG Wireless app and VM2.

    The HUB4000 Q comes in a rugged half-rack metal housing and provides 10 LEDs with information on the data transfer status as well as 4 DIP switches to set up the IP address.

    Connects up to 8 wireless devices to HiQnet® network
    enables remote control via System ArchitectTM, AKG Wireless app and VM2

    Cascadable via standard ethernet switches
    for easy setup of large system configurations

    Central 10 LED operating display
    for full control on data transfer status

    Covered DIP switches on front panel
    for quick and safe setup of the IP address

    Rugged half-rack metal housing
    for flexible, space efficient system configurations