AKG PRO LC81MD black Microlite Microphones (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO LC81MD black Microlite Microphones
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
Condition: New
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    AKG PRO LC81MD black Microlite Microphones


    for theater, broadcast and conferences

    The LC81 MD reference lightweight cardioid lavalier microphone makes a name for itself by not stealing the show. With a diameter of only 4.8mm, and a length of 10mm, it’s one of the smallest cardioid lavaliers available. And at only 2g, the LC81 MD won’t weigh down lengthy performances—in fact, the stars will hardly know that it’s there. 

    But that’s just its size. When it comes to sound, its sensitive cardioid polar pattern picks up a wide range of frequencies—from bass to soprano—and provides flexibility in getting the best sound from the source. Placed close to the performer, it accurately picks up low-end frequencies; place it farther away for performances in a higher range.

    Available in four colors, the LC81 MD is inconspicuous on every user.

    One of the smallest cardioid lavalier mics available
    inconspicuous on every user

    Comfortable design
    ready for extended use

    Microdot connector
    works with all major wireless systems

    Superior EMC protection
    for interference-free use

    Available in four colors
    to complement every performer

    Audio frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
    Sensitivity 13 mV/Pa
    Signal to Noise 57 dB-A
    Electrical impedance at 1 kHz 5,000 Ohms
    Self noise 35.5 mW
    Notes Measurements in working distance (2-3 cm from sound source)
    Powering Interface
    Voltage 3 to 10 V
    Dimensions / Weight
    Length capsule only: 8.5 mm
    Diameter capsule only: 4.4 mm
    Net Weight total including cable: 5.3 g