AKG PRO HT470 D5 BD1-50mW Wireless Microphone System 470 (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO HT470 D5 BD1-50mW Wireless Microphone System 470
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    AKG PRO HT470 D5 BD1-50mW Wireless Microphone System 470


    for conference, medium theater and houses of worship applications

    The rugged HT470 is an analog professional wireless handheld transmitter with pilot tone transmission to prevent unexpected startup noise. It continuously sends transmitter data, including low-battery information, to the receiver. An infrared data link in conjunction with the automatic frequency setup makes the HT470 extremely simple to use. The unique dipole-antenna design ensures reliable transmission even when one pole of the antenna is covered completely by the user's hand.

    An enhanced battery identification automatically detects the used battery type and allows up to 14 hours of operation on one AA-size battery. The display shows the remaining operating time in hours.

    Available in two versions: D5 and C5

    Pilot Tone transmission
    for transmitter battery status monitoring and tone code squelch

    Leading edge dipole-antenna design
    optimum performance even when the antenna is covered

    Infrared synchronization
    for instant transmitter setup

    Up to 50mW transmission power
    maximum radio signal strength for long-distance applications

    Integrated charging contacts
    quick charging of a standard NiMH battery inside the transmitter



    Audio frequency bandwidth 35 to 20000 Hz
    Signal to Noise 120 dB-A
    THD at 1 kHz 0.7 Prozent
    Operating temperature range -10 to 55 Celsius
    Peak deviation 48 kHz kHz
    Switching bandwidth 30 MHz
    Recommended simultaneous channels 24
    Number of selectable frequencies 1220 (selectable in 25kHz steps)
    Frequency Selection Selectable frequency in 25kHz steps
    Wireless channels within device -
    Radio range (Line of sight) 100m (depending on antenna system)
    Switchable RF power no
    Pilot Tone yes
    Nominal deviation 20 kHz kHz
    Radio Output Power (min/max) 10 to 50 mW
    Microphone head versions C5
    Interchangeable Microphone Head no
    Battery 1
    Battery type LR6 AA alkaline battery
    Number of batteries 1
    Operating time 7 h
    Battery 2
    Battery type HR 6 AA (NiHM) rechargeable battery
    Number of batteries 1
    Operating time 8 h
    Battery 3
    Battery type FR 6 AA lithium battery
    Number of batteries 1
    Operating time 14 h
    Body Plastic
    Finish black
    Dimensions / Weight
    Height 237 mm
    Width 51 mm
    Net Weight 240 g