AKG PRO PZM11 LL WR Crown Microphone (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO PZM11 LL WR Crown Microphone
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
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    AKG PRO PZM11 LL WR Crown Microphone


    for outdoor intercoms, toll booths and SOS telephones

    The PZM11 LL WR is a professional weather-resistant boundary layer microphone designed for fast-food restaurants, outdoor intercoms, toll booths, SOS telephones, theme-park security and the like. A plastic membrane inside the microphone protects the mic capsule from water damage. The PZM11 LL WR will work during and after rainfall. If water freezes on the membrane, the micís frequency response will change but will return to normal when the ice melts and the membrane dries.†

    The PZM11 LL WR is powered by 12V - 24V DC, provides line-level output and can be plugged directly into a VCR line input without the need for a costly mic preamp

    Hemispherical polar pattern
    for clear, intelligible pickup of speech

    Weather-resistant model
    for outdoor use

    Line-level output
    connects directly to video recorders

    Audio frequency bandwidth 80 to 10000 Hz
    Equivalent noise level 26 dB-A
    Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa
    Signal to Noise 68 dB-A
    Powering Interface
    Voltage 12 to 24 V
    Audio Output
    Type screw material
    Finish silver gray
    Dimensions / Weight
    Length 70 mm
    Width 115 mm
    Height 44 mm
    Net Weight 71 g