AKG PRO PZM11 LL Crown Microphone (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO PZM11 LL Crown Microphone
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
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    AKG PRO PZM11 LL Crown Microphone


    for ticket-window and security applications

    The PZM11 professional boundary layer microphone is designed for security and surveillance applications. The PZM11 is characterized by a consistent pickup anywhere around the mic. Low frequencies below the voice range are rolled off to reduce the pickup of heating, ventilation or air-conditioning rumble (HVAC noise). The high-frequency response is boosted slightly to aid clarity and articulation.

    The PZM11 has a mic-level output and is powered by 12-48V phantom power. Electronics on the rear of the plate offer screw terminals, eliminating the need for connectors.

    Hemispherical polar pattern
    for clear, intelligible pickup of speech

    Low-frequency rolloff
    effectively reduces HVAC rumble

    Screw terminal
    no need for connectors

    Audio frequency bandwidth 80 to 20000 Hz
    Equivalent noise level 26 dB-A
    Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa
    Signal to Noise 68 dB-A
    Powering Interface
    Voltage 12 to 48 V
    Audio Output
    Type screw material
    Finish off-white
    Dimensions / Weight
    Length 115 mm
    Width 70 mm
    Height 29 mm
    Net Weight 71 g