AKG PRO CSX IRR10 IR receiver 10 channel (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO CSX IRR10 IR receiver 10 channel
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
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    AKG PRO CSX IRR10 IR receiver 10 channel


    for installed and mobile multilingual conference setups, tour guides and assistive listening

    The CSX IRR10 is a reference conferencing infrared receiver that supports up to ten language channels. A large OLED display clearly shows all required information for output volume, channel number and battery status.

    With 2 jog dial selectors (1) one can select the requested channel and adjust the output level to the headphones. A standard 3,5mm stereo jack plug (2) enables the use of any kind of headphones. To charge the 2700mAh NiMh rechargeable batteries (up to 20 hours operation time) a charging/storage case (3) for 50 units is available. For single units a standard USB charger (4) can be used.

    Digital Transmission using PPM modulation
    prevents fluorescent-light interference for effective audio and radiation quality control

    For CS5 or as standalone system
    works with all types of analogue inputs

    Receives up to ten different languages
    For multilingual conference applications

    Up to 20 hours operation with only 2x AA standard rechargeable batteries
    Low operation cost and energy technology

    Integrated clip on front panel
    for tight fit in the pocket of a shirt

    Charging via any USB charger for single units or via the charging case for 50 units
    for quick and easy, space saving and intelligent charging



    Number of languages 10
    Reception angle 140
    Headphone Output
    Amount 1
    Audio frequency bandwidth 150 to 5100 Hz
    Contacts 3-pin
    Gender Female
    Output level >55 dB
    Recommended load impedance 32 Ohms
    Signal to Noise >55 dB-A
    Type Jack Stereo (1/8")
    Battery type HR 6 AA (NiHM) rechargeable battery
    Number of batteries 2
    Operating time 20 h
    Body plastic
    Finish matte black/white
    Dimensions / Weight
    Width 57 mm
    Height 132 mm
    Depth 23 mm
    Net Weight 140 g