AKG PRO CS5 BU Base Unit (Free Shipping)

AKG PRO CS5 BU Base Unit
Manufacturer: AKG PRO
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    AKG PRO CS5 BU Base Unit


    for conference of any size

    The CS5 BU is the base unit for the CS5 reference digital
    conference system and integrates the central intelligence for
    discussion, voting, interpretation and language distribution
    functions in a sensationally compact 1HU, 19" housing.

    The CS5 BU provides all the necessary inputs and outputs
    to manage a complex conference system. It controls up to
    64 audio channels that can be assigned for discussion or for
    interpretation purposes. All microphone and interpreter stations are
    daisy-chained, using cost-efficient, standard CAT 5 cables, and
    can be configured in a redundant closed-circuit digital audio bus.

    No matter how many microphone stations the system includes, it
    only needs a single CS5 BU to control the entire setup.

    All-in-one digital controller
    for systems of any size and complexity

    Integrated infrared signal modulator
    for wireless language distribution

    Failsafe power supply concept
    by using decentralized and redundant components

    Stand-alone or computer-controlled operation
    ensures easy, flexible and user-friendly handling

    5 external inputs and 4 outputs
    open for a wide range of external system extensions