ALESIS Pro X Hi Hat Dual-Cymbal Hi-Hat Controller for DM10/DM8 (Free Shipping)

ALESIS Pro X Hi Hat Dual-Cymbal Hi-Hat Controller for DM10/DM8
Manufacturer: ALESIS
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    Dual-Cymbal Controller With Natural Feel

    Pro X Hi-Hat (U.S. Patent No. US8742244 B2) is a dual-cymbal, continuous hi-hat controller that brings natural hi-hat playability and feel to Alesis DM10 and DM8 drummers everywhere. Precisely calibrated for the Alesis DM10- and DM8-series electronic drum kits, Pro X Hi-Hat integrates seamlessly with and expands the expressive capabilities of these popular electronic instruments. With Pro X Hi-Hat, you get all the advantages of an electronic controller without sacrificing the natural feel of an acoustic hi-hat.

    Unprecedented Hi-Hat Control

    The 12-inch single-zone top and bottom cymbals provide a wide responsive area for triggering samples from the DM10 and DM8 sound modules. Tap into these high-quality Alesis drum and percussion modules to create open, half-open, closed, "chick," and splash sounds with Pro X Hi-Hat. Plus, Pro X Hi-Hat is compatible with standard hi-hats stands, making it easy to implement this versatile controller into any electronic or hybrid drum-kit setup.


    • 12” single-zone top and bottom cymbals
    • Dual-cymbal continuous hi-hat controller
    • Natural hi-hat playability and feel
    • Create open, half-open, closed, "chick," and splash sounds
    • Compatible with standard hi-hat stands
    • Includes top cymbal, bottom cymbal, clutch, cables, and position sensor
    • Integrates seamlessly with Alesis DM10 and DM8 drum kits
    • Top Cymbal Pad
    • Bottom Cymbal Pad
    • Position Sensor
    • Clutch with No-Spin Adapter
    • (2x) 1/4-inch TRS Cables
    • (2x) Velcro Strips
    • User Guide
    • Safety & Warranty Manual
    • Diameter: 12” (30.5 cm)
    • Height: approximately 6” (15.2 cm), depending on clutch position
    • Weight: 3.05 lbs. (1.38 kg)