BBE DS48 Loudspeaker Management System features 4 Inputs and 8 Outputs (Free Shipping)

BBE DS48 Loudspeaker Management System features 4 Inputs and 8 Outputs
Manufacturer: BBE Sound Inc.
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    The DS48 loudspeaker management system features 4 inputs and 8 outputs with 10 configuration templates.

    Choice of Operating and Crossover Modes includes: 4 X2-way, 2 X 3-way + 2 Aux, 2 X 4-way, 1 X 5-way + 3 Aux, Mono Dist., Stereo Dist., LCRS w/Mono Subs, 4 X 4 Processor and Muted/Flat Startup. Some of BBEs DS48 features include high performance limiters on each output, providing complete control over attack, release and threshold parameters, variable high and low pass filters and your choice of 6dB, 12dB,18dB, 24dB, 48dB Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley or Bessel frequency response curve.

    Independent control of each high and low pass filter allows asymmetric crossover bands to be created. The DS48 can also be controlled from a PC via the DS24s RS232 connection with the included software.

    Along with XLR input/output connectors, DS48 comes complete with selectable line voltages between 90 and 250 VAC operations.

  • 24-bit AD/DA, 48k sampling rate
  • Internal 32-bit DSP processing
  • Parametric EQ provides -40dB to +6dB of gain with frequency
  • Gain and bandwidth adjustment
  • Full limiter for each output
  • 7ms delay per output
  • RS-232 Computer control
  • 5 year warranty