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    At A Glance

    Discover the Musician in You!

    The Casio WK-6500 features a piano-style touch-response keyboard, song sequencer, tone editor, multiple digital effects, mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, SD card storage and hundreds of editable tones. The WK-6500 offers a pitch bend wheel, a back lit display, music presets and 670 individual tones in a portable design.

    The Casio WK-6500 has all the tools you need to practice, compose and perform. The extensive list of features and the sound from the high-output 2-way bass reflex sound system found in this music workstation will give you the chance to bring your musical ideas to life and discover the musician in you.

    Special Features

    Sequencer and 32 Channel Mixer

    16 track song sequencer + 1 system track supports recording of up to 5 songs or approximately 30,000 notes. Choices of editing tools include event insert, copy and delete, quantize note locator and a step recording function. The mixer can be used in conjunction with instrument input feature.

    Rhythm Editor

    Allows you to combine instrumental parts from multiple built-in rhythms, turn individual instrumental portions on or off and adjust volume, pan reverb and other parameters to create your own personal rhythms. The rhythm editor can store up to 10 original rhythms in memory for recall at any time.

    Multiple Digital Effects

    A wide range of built-in effects include 10 reverbs, 5 choruses and 100 DSP types. You can create your own DSP effects and store up to 100 unique styles.


    The WK-6500 can store 4 sets & 8 banks for a total of 32 set ups. The simplicity of the registration process makes it a great feature for live performances.

    Tone Editor

    Attack and release time, cut off, vibrato, reverb, chorus and DSP can be adjusted based on your preferences.


    Casio continues the tradition of providing “class compliant” USB connectivity on Workstation Keyboards. This allows Casio Workstation Keyboards to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need to download drivers. Class Compliant USB MIDI also allows Workstation Keyboards to be used as a controller for the Apple iPad by using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit.

    Technical Specs

    WK-6500 Specifications
    Keyboard 76 Piano-style keys
    Touch Response 2 Sensitivity levels / Off
    Sound Source Dual-element AHL
    Polyphony (max) 48
    Tones 670
    User Tones 10 tone editor
    Built-in Rhythms 200
    User Rhythms 10
    Reverb 10 Types
    Chorus 5 Types
    DSP 100 Preset / 100 User
    Controllers Start / Stop, Intro, Normal / Fill-in, Variation / Fill-in, Synchro / Editing
    Rhythm Editor 10 User rhythms
    Song Sequencer 16 tracks + 1 system track supports up to 5 songs. Real time recording, step recording, song edit, track edit, event edit
    Mixer 32 Channels + ext in (mic)
    Layer / Split Yes
    Registration Memory 4 sets x 8 banks, 50 user presets
    One Touch Presets 200
    Pitch Bend Wheel 0 to 24 Semi-tomes
    General MIDI Compatible 16 Channel multi-timbre received, GM level 1
    SD Memory Card Storage SD or SDHC
    Display Backlit LCD
    Speakers w/ Bass Reflex System 4.7" x 2 + 1.2" x 2
    Amplifier 6W + 6W
    Line Out L / Mono, R - Std jack
    Mic In Mono - Std jack
    Instrument In -
    Audio In Stereo - Mini jack
    USB Yes
    Sustain Pedal Std jack
    Headphones Stereo - Std jack
    Power 12V DC or six D cell batteries
    Included Accessories
    AC Adaptor AD-A12150
    Music Stand Yes
    Dimensions and Weight
    Unit size L x W x H 46.7" x 15.7" x 5.9"
    Unit weight 17.4 lbs.
    Boxed size L x W x H 49.5" x 19.5" x 8.0"
    Boxed weight 26.5 lbs.