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Manufacturer: DUNLOP
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    Clyde McCoy Wah Wah Pedal is what a wah should sound like. The original made the sound of a muted trumpet, so Vox recruited trumpeter Clyde McCoy as an endorser. The reissue version is true to the original in most details, including the tone-critical part —- a custom-tuned inductor made by the original manufacturer. It also has some modern enhancements such as a true bypass switch, a newly designed custom-taper potentiometer, and an AC adapter jack.

  • Sought-after vintage effect from the '60s
  • The original was famous for making the sound of a muted trumpet
  • Reissue contains a tone-critical part, a custom-tuned inductor, made by the original manufacturer
  • True bypass switch
  • Newly designed custom-taper potentiometer
  • AC adapter jack