DIGITECH DGR GRUNGE Distortion with Loud Level Controls (Free Shipping)

DIGITECH DGR GRUNGE Distortion with Loud Level Controls
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    The Grunge pedal has a legendary status few pedals have ever attained. Designed for cutting edge guitarists who want a unique sound, the Grunge provides the tones todayís music requires. Whether itís chunky rhythm, heavy grind, or amazing sustaining leads you're after, the Grunge gets you these and everything in between. Just plug in and find out why so many players have made this a top seller for more than a decade.

    Level (Loud) controls the distortion output level of your guitar signal. Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies High adjusts boost and cut of high frequencies. Gain (Grunge) controls distortion gain from moderate to extreme. Dual Outputs. The Amp output is for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier.

    The Mixer outputís Cabinet Emulation circuitry gives you an authentic miked guitar amp sound when plugged direct into a mixing board or recording device.