ELATION PLATINUM BEAM 5R PRO EPB832 305W Beam Moving Head w/ Frost, Prism and 8 Rotating Gobos w/ EWDMX (Free Shipping)

Manufacturer: ELATION
Condition: New
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    The Platinum Beam 5R is a compact, light weight, high power ACL beam aerial effect moving head fixture. Featuring the new MSD Platinum 5R lamp from Philips a 189W lamp offering output comparable to 575W fixtures and with the specialized optical design in the Platinum Beam 5R creating a concentrated beam of light “ACL / Searchlight” type effect, it competes even with the most powerful units on the market. Featuring 12 dichroic colors, 8 Rotating indexing gobos, Rotating 3 facet prism, Frost Filter for “wash” effect and lighting fast 3-phase motors for pan/tilt.

  • Extreme ACL / Beam Effect
  • 2.5° Beam Angle
  • Stand alone operation with Master/Slave
  • function, sound activated via built in microphone.
  • Pan and tilt movement: 8 and 16 bit resolution
  • Speed of pan/tilt movement adjustable
  • Scan position memory, auto reposition after
  • unexpected movement
  • Rotating Gobos And 3 Facet Prism
  • Frost Effect For Wash
  • Featuring New Philips MSD Platinum 5R Lamp
  • 12 dichroic colors
  • 8 rotating replaceable rotating / indexing gobos
  • Gobo Size 14mm OD / 8mm ID
  • 3 Facet rotating prism
  • Frost filter (hybrid effect for wash)
  • Control board with full color LCD graphic display and touch-keyboard
  • Built-in EWDMX Wireless Receiver