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    The Eternal Lighting ElitePar™ RGBA DMX has the addition of Amber LEDs with the RGB you are
    already used to. The Amber allows you to create colors such as Orange, Yellows and of course
    Amber that you were never able to create with just a RGB fixture. This fixture also has a unique 
    Lay Flat design that allows you to sit the light flat on the floor for use as an uplight without the 
    need for the dual yoke bracket that is included. We have also thought about how the power input
    and power output make most sense on oposing sides, this way the power comes in on one side
    and goes out the other side for power linking. With the EitePar™ RGBA DMX you can link up to 20
    from power to power without the worry of blowing a fuse. The greatest thing about this fixture is
    the built in wireless DMX. Now you do not need to run DMX Cables to connect the lights. Each 
    ElitePar™ RGBA DMX has a receiver that can be a transmitter or receiver. This is very useful for  
    using built in modes such as one of the 15 preset colors, Sound active mode, Auto mode or a custom
    color you create on the master light. It will then transmit to all the other lights in the room. This 
    Light will receive a signal from the Eternal Lighting XT Mitter Pro™ from your DMX controller to 
    make it a wireless DMX show! The moment you start to scroll through the menu  on the ElitePar™
    Series Fixtures you will realize that Eternal Lighting is leading and the others are just trying to keep
    up. Remember, Lighting makes all the difference.


    Features & Technical Specifications:

    • 201 10mm RGBA LEDs 
    • 3CH, 4CH, 11CH DMX Modes
    • Sound Active - (2 Different Sound Active Modes)
    • Sound Active is accessible by DMX or Manual
    • Auto Mode  with Speed Control
    • Fade mode with Speed Control
    • Manual Color Mix Mode by Master Slave all other Fixtures change color on demand
    • LCD Push Button Display
    • Power In & Power Out
    • Master Reset Function
    • Total Run Hour View
    • Lux 5,300 at 1 Meter
    • Eternal Lighting 2.4Ghz Wireless DMX built in.