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    The UltraPin is the much anticipated Eternal Lighting Battery Powered LED Pin Spot with Magnetic Base
    for attaching to Metal Flat Surfaces. The UltraPin comes with a Bracket for attaching with adjustable clamp.
    You will notice this fixture includes the Power Supply & Mounting Bracket. The ability to control the Eternal 
    Lighting UltraPin with the IR Remote allows you to shut of and choose 4 selectable brightness levels. The IR 
    Remote has a function range of up to 40 feet. You can select between the Warm White or the Cool White LED 
    built into each fixture for the proper color temperature for the subject you are lighting. The Flexible gooseneck 
    allows you to point the Pin Spot in any desired direction. The head of the UltraPin has a Zoom function to 
    adjust the size of the spot. The LED UltraPin has a long Battery life designed for special event applications. 
    Once the UltraPin is in position you can shut off with IR Remote for standby time and will not deplete the 
    battery charge. The UltraPin is capable of 600 Recharges....that is over 10 years of use! (Based on 1 Charge 
    and usage every weekend throughout each calendar year).

     Features & Technical Specifications:

    • (2) 5 Watt Cree LED (1 Warm White / 1 Cool White)
    • Charging Power In supply (Charger Included)
    • IR Remote Control (Remote Sold Separately)
    • Up to 11 Hours of Battery Life 
      50%   Brightness 11 Hours
      75%   Brightness 9 Hours
      100% Brightness 7 Hours
    • Clamp Adjustable for hanging and mounting to 1" - 3" Pipe, 2" Truss ( Clamp Included)
    • Magnetic Base to attach to Flat steel surfaces.
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) 14.50" x 1.25" x 2.375"
    • Weight 1.99 lbs


    • Beam Angle: 3° to 20° Zoomable Pin Spot Heads
    • Light Source: The Head has a 5 Watt CW Cree LED & 5 Watt WW Cree LED.
    • LED Life Rating: 50,000 hours