MXR M182 (M-182) El Grande Bass Fuzz Pedal (Free Shipping)

MXR M182 (M-182) El Grande Bass Fuzz Pedal
Manufacturer: DUNLOP
Condition: New
Item #: M182
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    The El Grande Bass Fuzz is a versatile and brutal fuzz designed just for bass. We took a classic 70's fuzz circuit, re-tuned it for more low end, and added a DEEP switch that delivers up to +15dB of monstrous bass that is internally adjustable between 87Hz - 113Hz. And that's not all: Volume, Tone, and Fuzz controls let you sculpt your tone with precision to get everything you need—from searing, sustained upper-register chords to punchy, growling low B's—without sacrificing low end or clarity. The El Grande comes in a lightweight but durable aluminum casting with high-quality jacks and switches.

    Power: Dunlop ECB004 AC Adapter or Two 9 volt batteries

  • Classic 70s fuzz circuit re-tuned for more low end.
  • DEEP switch delivers up to +15dB of bass.
  • Retains note clarity.