MXR ZW44 (ZW-44) Wylde Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal (Free Shipping)

MXR ZW44 (ZW-44) Wylde Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal
Manufacturer: DUNLOP
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    **Previously known as the Wylde Overdrive**

    Whether on his ground breaking work with Ozzy Osbourne or with his own Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde's guitar playing is loud, tough, and relentless. Zakk's take-no-prisoners attitude extends to his quest for tone, too. When he wanted to develop his signature overdrive pedal, he looked no further than Dunlop. The result is the Wylde Overdrive. This muscular stompbox will turn your clean amp into a heavy, chunky crunch machine. Or, use it like Zakk does and kick it in front of a dirty amp for a screaming, sustaining lead tone. The three simple controls—Output, Tone and Gain—make getting up and running easy, so you can concentrate on the business at hand: kicking major ass.

  • Powerful, cutting overdrive with great definition.
  • Output and Gain controls for any tone at any volume.
  • Single Tone control makes overall sound shaping simple