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    ValveKing® 112

    Peavey ValveKing® amps feature a patented, variable Class A-A/B control called Texture™, which allows sweepable selection between Class A and Class A/B power structures, as well as any combination of the two. With this feature, guitarists can coax virtually any tone from this tweaked-out amplifier. The amp's preamp and power sections use 12AX7 and 6L6GC tubes, respectively, and drive specially voiced 12" ValveKing® loudspeakers (112 and 212 versions only). Additional standard features include two footswitchable channels with independent, three-band EQ and volume, plus a footswitchable gain/volume boost on the lead channel to provide extra volume for solos. ValveKing® amps also feature global resonance, presence and reverb controls, a buffered effects loop and dual speaker jacks in parallel (head and 212 only).


    • Two 6L6GC and three 12AX7 tubes
    • Two independent footswitchable channels
    • Separate EQ for each channel
    • Footswitchable gain/volume boost on lead channel
    • External speaker capability
    • 12 inch ValveKing® speaker
    • Reverb with level control
    • Buffered effects loop
    • Resonance switch for "tight or loose" cabinet response
    • Patented Texture™ variable Class A simulation control
    • Footswitch not included
    • 50 watts (rms) into 16 ohms
    • Weight Unpacked: 41.00 lb(18.597 kg)
    • Weight Packed: 46.00 lb(20.865 kg)
    • Width Packed: 14.25"(36.195 cm)
    • Height Packed: 25.12"(63.8048 cm)
    • Depth Packed: 22"(55.88 cm)