RSQ HD-787-2TB HDD Karaoke Player with 2TB Empty Programmed (Free Shipping)

RSQ HD-787-2TB HDD Karaoke Player with 2TB Empty Programmed
This item had been Discontinued.
Manufacturer: RSQ
Condition: New
Item #: HD-787-2TB
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  • Product Description

    The revolutionary HD-787 is a Karaoke Jukebox Player with a built-in Hard Drive that is moving the Karaoke world into another era. With its easy to capture and load design it is the latest innovation in the Karaoke World. This machine requires minimal computer knowledge, simply select a song, type & copy to the hard disk drive of the machine. Donít waste your time searching for songs through 100ís of disks at your events or parties. You will have your entire disk library at your fingertips to easily access your song data. It conveniently comes with a key pad remote that allows for fast and easy typing on the search function. This machine is perfect for home use or any professional venue. Save your investment from scratches and save your time!
    Player Description:
  • Easy Capture CD+G, DVD, VCD, NEO+G disc directly into Hard Drive
  • Convert MP3+G song files to PC with RSQ UTILITY.
  • Direct Playback from hard drive using pre assigned song number
  • Easy Song Search by Titles & Singers with Keypad & Big Remote
  • Reserve up to 99 songs
  • Glow In the Dark Keyboard Big Remote Control & Front Panel Keypad
  • 13 Steps Digital Key Control
  • Select next song while playing current song
  • Multiple Languages Capability ( English, Chinese, Vietnamese )
  • Able to use Dual Monitor

  • Weight & Dimensions:
  • 11 lbs.
  • Lenth 11.5 inches
  • Width 16.5 inches
  • Height 5.5 inches

  • Accessories Include:
  • Remote
  • Key Pad Remote
  • Manual
  • HD-787 Utility Disk
  • RCA Cables