SAMSON SWV466SHT6A Stage v466 Quad Vocal Wireless System (HT6 x 4/SR466) (4) H6 Dynamic Mics - (Channels A1, A2, A3 and A4) (Free Shipping)

SAMSON SWV466SHT6A Stage v466 Quad Vocal Wireless System (HT6 x 4/SR466) (4) H6 Dynamic Mics - (Channels A1, A2, A3 and A4)
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    Four At Once.

    Designed for four times the versatility,†Samsonrsquo;s Stage v466 Quad Vocal Wireless System letrsquo;s you use four microphones simultaneously with a single receiver. Itrsquo;s the ideal wireless solution for vocalists, karaoke performers, DJs or any application where multiple mics are needed.

    At the core of the Stage v466 system is a full-rack quad VHF wireless receiver. The receiverrsquo;s front panel features an RF channel indicator and a large rotary volume knob for each channel. The receiver also offers two tuned antennas, XLR mix, as well as four 1/4-inch outputs†that give you the option for each transmitter pair mixed or each transmitter individually. The Stage 4v66 system comes with two 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch cables.

    The Stage v466 system includes four HT6 dynamic handheld microphone transmitters, each with a†Samson†H6 dynamic microphone element for capturing clear, accurate vocals. Each transmitter operates for up to ten hours on a single 9-volt battery (four included) and offers a handy audio on/off switch.

    With the meticulous engineering, state of the art technology and impressive audio capabilities that are built into every†Samson†wireless system, the Stage v466 system ensures crystal clear operation and the most dependable quad-channel performance available.

    Everyone Loves A Quartet

    The beauty of the Stage v466 system is that you can have all four channels running simultaneously. This makes it perfect for a variety of scenarios where multiple voices exist, including bands with multiple singers. Beyond the systemrsquo;s ability to capture stunning vocals in musical settings, Stage v466 allows bands, quartets and other small musical groups to add energy and movement to their performances.

    Masters of Karaoke

    The Stage v466 system is great for opening up your karaoke events to more people. With four channels in play, you can spread out the stage and avoid people from crowding around a single mic to belt out those rock anthems or power ballads. And when an MC is running the show, the Stage v466 system really helps with presentation and flow, eliminating the need to hand-off the lone mic after every song.

    DJ Teams

    For DJs who work in teams, the Stage v466 system is a must. Whether at weddings, block parties or clubs, this wireless system allows multiple DJs to focus on hyping up the crowd, while another supports them from behind the mixer. Or you can have four mobile DJs working different parts of the venue. Either way, the Stage v466 makes for a really versatile and entertaining DJ setup.

    Escape The Podium

    Not only is†Samsonrsquo;s Stage v466 ideal for public speakers looking to shed the restraints of cords and wires, but for presentations that involve up to four speakers at once. From company meetings and corporate events to product demonstrations and Qamp;A sessions, the Stage v466 system allows small groups to be more interactive in conveying their ideas to an audience.

    Thanks to†Samsonrsquo;s Stage v466, the freedom of wireless is available wherever up to four voices need to be heard at once.

    • SR466 full-rack quad VHF wireless receiver
    • Four HT6 dynamic handheld microphone transmitters, each with H6 dynamic microphone element
    • Each transmitter operates for ten hours on a single 9-volt battery
    • Great RF reception for interference-free performance
    • One XLR and four 1/4-inch outputs (transmitter pair mix and individual channel output options)
    • Includes two 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch cables, AC adapter and four 9-volt batteries
    • Available in two groups