YORKVILLE LS808B18" Subwoofer, 800W @ 8 Ohms, Black Ultrathane Painted Finish (Free Shipping)

YORKVILLE LS808B18" Subwoofer, 800W @ 8 Ohms, Black Ultrathane Painted Finish
Manufacturer: YORKVILLE
Condition: New
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  • Product Description

    Image shown is the black painted surface finish. Actual product picture with carpet finish is currently unnavailable.

    First choice in passive subwoofers, the LS808 combines an 1400-Watt cast-frame 18-inch bass driver with a rear-loaded bass horn enclosure made from 15mm birch ply covered in rugged black carpeting (a black ultrathane-painted version – LS800PB – is also available). The result is an exceptionally efficient sub (105dB @ 1W @ 1m) with bass response down to 45Hz and capable of hitting maximum sound-pressure levels of 134dB. Rugged durability backed by a 2/10-year warranty further ensures years of reliable service.

    Inputs include parallel pairs of Ľ-inch jacks and Speakons™ . Additionally, the Speakon™ connectors are wired to a configuration switch which allows instant reversal of pinouts for easy hook-ups using optional four wire Speakon™ cables.

    The LS808 uses flush, top-mounted stand adapters so that optional speaker poles may be used to mount full range enclosures above – avoiding the need for separate tripod stands. The dual, side-mounted, inset carry handles making it easier for two people to carry the sub during load in and set-up. The LS808, LS1004 and LS1208 have tilt-back wheels and top/rear mounted corner handles for better maneuverability and stacking.

    Hardware includes four steel inset handles, a steel top-mounted pole-stand adapter, a heavy-gauge curved steel grill and tilt-back wheels.


  • 2800 Watt 18-inch Subwoofer (1400 Watt Program)
  • Max SPL 139dB Peak (136dB Continuous)
  • Rear Horn-Loaded Cabinet Design
  • 8 Ohm Design for Easy Amplifier Configuration
  • 45Hz – 180Hz Frequency Response
  • Integrated All Metal Speaker Pole Mount Adaptor
  • Solid 5/8-inch (15mm) Birch Plywood Construction
  • Made in Canada

  • Specifications

  • System Type: Rear Horn-Loaded Subwoofer
  • Active or Passive: Passive
  • Program Power: (Watts) 1400 Watts (2800 Peak / 700 Continuous)
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m): 105
  • Max SPL :(dB) 139dB Peak (136dB Continuous)
  • Frequency Response: (Hz +/- 3db) 45 - 180
  • LF Driver:(s) 18-inch, Ceramic Magnet w/4-inch voicecoil
  • Inputs : 1/4" Jacks 2
  • Inputs : Speakon 4-pin 2
  • Other Controls / Features: Speakon™ connectors feature a configuration switch which allows instant reversal of Speakon™
  • jack pinouts for easy single wire hook-up using optional four wire Speakon™ cables.
  • Corners Black: Steel
  • Bar Handles: 2 Side
  • Pole Mount Adapter: (1 3/8"-3.5cm) 1 Top
  • Enclosure Materials: 15mm (5/8inch) 11-ply Russian Birch
  • Grille: Heavy gauge perforated metal
  • Covering / Finish: Black Ozite (Carpet)
  • Optional Covering / Finishes: Black Ultrathane Paint (LS808B)
  • Dimensions: (DWH xbackW, inches) 23 x 27.5 x 32
  • Dimensions: (DWH xbackW, cm) 58.4 x 70 x 81.3
  • Weight: (lbs/kg) 116.6 / 52.9